A couple of guys from Melbourne’s ‘burbs who have a passion for low ‘n slow BBQ. We’ve teamed up to tackle Australia’s BBQ comp circuit! Follow our journey. We are an award winning team, having just completed our first season, We finished 10th overall in the country. Check out some of our results below.

Our Competition Results

Fireside 2019

Overall Grand Champion

3rd Place Chicken

1st Place Pork

2nd Place Brisket

1st Place Ribs

Up In Smoke 2020

Overall Reserve Grand Champion

3rd Place Chicken

1st Place Lamb

6th Place Pork

5th Place Brisket


Masters of Que 2019

Overall 7th Place

1st Place Pork

3rd Place Brisket

MeatStock Melbourne 2019

Overall 7th Place

1st Place Brisket

Meet Meat 2019

Overall 5th Place

2nd Place Ribs

Fat Drip

1st Place Steak

1st Place Appetiser

2019 Invitational

1st Place Dessert

Turf Wars

Overall 4th Place

2nd Place Chicken


Hazy Days

3rd Place Chicken

2nd Place Ribs

Master of Que Competition Winners
Melbourne Barbecue Wars Competition Winners
Large Steak fresh out off the Lick of Smoke BBQ Grill
Array of pork served to our customers
Large Brisket our customers are able to cater with at Lick of Smoke BBQ
Freshly Cooked Chicken
All of our awards from the Fireside Competition
Beautiful Rib Glaze at our competitions